- Mar 04, 2017-

Computer motherboard and motherboard (Mainboard), System Board (SystemBoard) or motherboard (motherboard), it is divided into the commercial boards and industrial boards two. It is installed in the chassis, is one of the most basic and most important components of computer. Boards are generally rectangular circuit board, formed the computer's main circuit are mounted above the system, BIOS chip, I/O controller chip, key, and Control Panel switch interfaces, led connectors, expansion slot, motherboard, DC power supply connectors and card and other components.

Board adopts the open structure. 6-15 expansion slot on the motherboard, peripherals for PC machine control card (adapter) plug. By replacing these cards can be local to the computer's corresponding subsystem upgrade to our manufacturers and users have more flexibility in configuration model. In short, the Board plays an important role in the entire computer system. Can be said that the Board decided by the type and grade of computer system types and grades. Board performance affects the performance of the entire computer system.

Board (English: Motherboard, Mainboard, referred to as Mobo); also known as the mainboard, System Board, logic board, motherboard, backplane, and is the center of complex electronic systems such as computers or the main circuit board.

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