DVR Market Status

- Mar 04, 2017-

DVR after years of development and the changing market, had embedded products, network products as a supplement, has been embarking on a dedicated equipment specialized people and responsible way.

At present, 3111 engineering and telecommunications "global eye" CNC "wide world" project has spread security monitoring market, just like this, new rules have been introduced: the platform and network.

Network is not a mysterious thing, and now the Internet has spread the cost has been reduced by, for the purposes of monitoring and control system, networking is the general trend. Therefore, the DVR NVR introduced will bring a strong impact. However, the DVR especially embedded DVR after all the markets, network product is ultimately limited by the network, in the case of no Internet, NVR had no choice; network cost is too high in case or the user does not need a network to watch cases, advantages of DVR or some.

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