DVR Boards Features

- Mar 04, 2017-

1. supported audio and video capture and compression up to 80 cards and peripherals

Provide PCI, 1~3 root 3~5 root PCI-e slot and 1~2 COM mouth, supports disk array (RAID) card, PCI-IDE, expand capacity and other capability to meet monitoring multi-channel video capture applications such as needs of the industry.

2. specially designed PCI signal enhancement and filtering circuit; and external video cards using high efficiency switching power supply the aim of the programme is to provide stronger, more pure video signal, making the image more clear and stable.

3. specially designed to panic the automatic restart function (commonly known as guard dogs) and power and later electric automatic startup function

DVR machine time clock running in the hot, dry room, under the influence of internal and external factors, occasional crashes or loses power suddenly shutdown is possible. We specialize in this, specially designed motherboard hardware, BIOS software writes the watchdog software implementation of these two functions, and through repeated verification test. With these two features, DVR room even at unattended machines and the panic or the power goes out later, surveillance video will not abort, so that security is not leaving.

4. Special BIOS and compatible with a variety of audio and video collection and compression card

For mainstream card on the market, we made a special BIOS software, and done a lot of testing and debugging at full capacity to ensure stable and compatible.

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