DVR Boards

- Mar 04, 2017-

DVR boards belong to the computer hardware, area of digital hard disk video recorder, maximum range of 2,500 hours, 80 channels of audio and video.

Along with the rich material, especially after the 9.11 incident, people began to increasingly strong demands for security. Today's security is gradually into people, life and all corners of society.

Digital DVR (Digital Video Recorder) DVR systems based on PC-BASE structure is still the mainstream products in the market. It has mature technology, hardware and software upgrades, video capture channels extending flexible man-machine interfaces, large storage space, friendly, easy file management, and low maintenance costs. Previous DVR systems, the use of a common computer motherboard, there is instability of supply, hardware replacement is too fast, and bad video hardware and software compatibility, the short life of the shortcomings, it is difficult to meet the particular DVR industry applications and complex, the use of the poor working environment needs.

Based on a deep understanding of the DVR, we fully consider monitoring the application requirements of the product combined with the DVR industry characteristics, tailored to a variety of walking DVR industrial grade-specific boards.

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