Wireless camera accessories and technical parameters

- Mar 04, 2017-

1. light weight and small size of the camera, is now the world's youngest of CCD) flexible shooting hidden 

2.480 broadcast-SONY-CCD chip, 120-degree wide angle 0.05LUX ultra low light;

3. the lens focal length can be fine-tuned, can take 2CM from the text;

4. professional built-in pickups, filtering noise sound more clear;

5.500-800 wireless microwave video transmission, the transmitting and receiving signal automatically locked, image is more stable;

6. large capacity lithium battery, recharged 800 times, small size no memory power supply a long time;

Wireless camera operation

1. first connect the lens cable access hosts;

2. turn on the master switch;

3. the control box 12V power supply output connector receiver connected to the receiver 12V power input jack;

4. connect 12V lithium battery to the receiver control box 12V input terminal;

5. the receiver AV input AV output cable connected to a DV machine and turn the receiver box on DV DV machine after the end of the camera to playback files;

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