Use CMOS discharge jumper

- Mar 04, 2017-

For most of the existing boards, are designed with CMOS discharge jumper to discharge in a user-friendly operation, this is the most common method of CMOS discharge. This discharge jumper for three needles, located near the motherboard CMOS battery socket, with battery discharge instructions. In the Board's default state, jumper CAP is available in will be identified as "1" and "2" on the pins, discharge instructions can be known as "Normal", that is, normal use.

To use the jumpers to discharge, first using forceps or other instruments to jumper cap from "1" and "2" pins pulled out, and then identified as "2" and "3" pins wired together, discharge instructions can know the status of "Clear CMOS", that is, clear the CMOS. After a brief contact, you can clear the user manual in the BIOS settings and restore to the motherboard comes with default settings.

The CMOS after discharge, need to jumper Cap "2" and "3" pins are removed, and then revert to the original "1" and "2" on the pins. Note that if no jumper CAP to Normal State, you cannot start up your computer and alarm sound.

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