On board the difference between North and South Bridge

- Mar 04, 2017-

One can say the most important parts on the motherboard is the chipset of the motherboard, the motherboard chipset Northbridge and southbridge chips, chipsets for both boards. Northbridge chip is mainly responsible for the realization of CPU, memory, AGP interface, data transfer between, and is connected by a particular data channel and the South Bridge chip. Northbridge chip encapsulation mode initially using BGA package model, to Intel's Northbridge has transformed mode of the FC-PGA package, but the motherboard Northbridge chip designed for the AMD processors are still using the traditional model of BGA package. Compared to the southbridge chip Northbridge, Southbridge chip is responsible for and IDE devices, PCI device, sound devices, networks, communications devices and other I/O devices, Southbridge chips has so far only seen the traditional pattern of BGA package. In addition, North-South Bridge chip in addition to the traditional classification, but also to see the integration of designs, which often seen on NVIDIA, SiS chipset, a chip into the South Northbridge, this design has a unique feature, for cost savings, improve the competitiveness of their products have a certain significance, apart from a handful of boards, but not very wide spread.

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