Maintenance method

- Mar 04, 2017-

Motherboard failure is often manifested in the system fails to start, the screen no display, will sometimes start and sometimes won't start, it is difficult to visually determine the symptoms. To check the motherboard failure repair, generally uses the "one, two, three, four touch smell" principles of maintenance. Are observed symptom, hear the alarm sound, smell odors, such as burns, hand over some parts. Here some common motherboard repair methods, each method has its own advantages and limitations, and should combine several methods commonly used.

Cleaning method

This method is typically used to solve due to too much dust on the motherboard, dust with static electricity resulting in failure of the motherboard does not work, free hair brush to clean the dust on the motherboard. In addition, generally have a lot of add-in cards on the system board, and Goldfinger part of these boards may be oxidized, resulting in poor contact with the motherboard, this free eraser to wipe the surface of the oxide layer.


Mainly used to "look and feel" of skills. In the case of power off, see the unit is plugged in the correct, capacitor, resistor-pin contact is good, burning, cracking or the surface of the various circuit board copper foil traces of burnt out on. Also, you can use the hand to touch the surface of the chip to see if there is very hot.

Replace method

When symptoms are not sure exactly which part is causing the time suspect parts can be replaced by method of troubleshooting. Can try suspected parts get a good computer and can get good parts to fail the computer try. For example: post times or wrong capacity does not exist within, you can use this method to determine the real culprits that caused the failure.

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