Fault classification

- Mar 04, 2017-

Artificial fault

Some friends, less knowledge of computer operation, do not pay attention to practice and safety during operation, some parts will result in damage to the computer. Electric plug and Board, excessive force when installing the equipment and Board, resulting in equipment interfaces, chip, and card damage or deformation, causing failure.

Environmental failures

Fault caused by environment, generally refers to people of unknown or unpredictable, irresistible situations caused by. Such as lightning, power supply is unstable, it may directly damage the Board, people generally have no way to prevent this situation; another scenario caused by the external environment is the result of failure due to temperature, humidity, and dust. Symptoms of this are: often crashes, restart, or sometimes start and sometimes it will not power on, causing the unstable performance of the machine.

Quality failures

Component quality that caused the failure, which means a component on the motherboard damaged by quality problems. This failure can lead to parts of the Board features not normally used, the system does not start properly, self test error, and so on.

Motherboard is the key component of the entire computer, the computer plays a vital role. If the motherboard failure will affect the whole PC system.

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