- Mar 04, 2017-

Intel:Socket386, Socket486, Socket586, Socket686, Socket370 (810, 815 motherboard the motherboard), Socket478 (845, 865 motherboard the motherboard), LGA 775 (915 Motherboard, motherboard 945 motherboard, 965, G41, P31, G31 motherboard motherboard motherboard motherboard, P41, G43, P43, G45, P45 motherboard, X38, X48), LGA 1156 (H55, H57, P55 motherboard the motherboard motherboard motherboard, P57, Q57 Board), LGA 1155 is two series 6-series, 7-series (6 series motherboards: H61 H67 motherboard, P67 motherboard, the motherboard Z68 motherboard; 7 series motherboards: B75, Z75, Z77, H77. ), LGA 1366 (X58 Board), LGA 2011 (X79 Board).

2013 due to new specifications for Intel 22nm Haswell CPU,Ivy Bridge LGA 1155 upgrades become LGA 1150.

AMD:Socket AM2\AM2+ (760G Board, 770 Board, 780G Board, 785G Board, 790GX boards), AM3\AM3+ (870G, 880G, motherboard, the motherboard 890GX motherboard, 890FX motherboard, 970, 990X, 990FX motherboard motherboard motherboard), FM1 (A55 motherboard motherboard, A75), FM2 (A55 motherboard motherboard motherboard, A75, A85).

CPU is often at the same level there are further divided, such as Pentium motherboard, it supports Pentium (P55C,MMX require boards built-in dual voltage), or support the Cyrix 6x86, AMD 5k86 (all Pentium-class CPU, requires that boards have better heat dissipation) difference.

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