Boot boards Tweet causes

- Mar 04, 2017-

Award BIOS

And 1 short: the system starts normally. Indicates that the machine without any problems.

2 short: General error, enter the CMOS Setup, reset the incorrect option.

1 long and 1 short: memory or motherboard error. Put a memory try, if it still doesn't work, had to replace the motherboard.

1 long and 2 short: monitor or video card error.

1 long and 3 short keyboard controller error. Inspect the motherboard.

1 long 9 short: Flash RAM or the motherboard EPROM error BIOS is damaged. For Flash RAM try.

Constantly ringing (long sound): memory is not tight or damaged. Insert memory stick, or replacing memory.

Keep alarm: power supply, monitor does not appear and the card well. Check all plugs.

Repeating short of alert: a problem with the power supply.

No alarm and no show: a problem with the power supply.

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